16 Acre Land Update

assalam alaykum,

Alhamdulillah some time back we acquired 16 acre land for Masjid al-Ahad. So far we have been able to clear 3 acres and put down a trailer.

Immediate Needs of Masjid al-Ahad
Septic Tank – $10,000
Water Well – $10,000
Land cleaning – $25,000
Fence 16 acre – $20,000
Parking lot – $50,000

Long term Goals of Masjid al-Ahad
Full Time Hifz Program
Aalim Course
Islamic School

Monthly Family Night This Friday

This Friday, insha Allah, we will be holding our monthly Family Night after Isha at 7:30. We will be discussing on what we, as Muslims, should do after the Two Eids. Now that both holidays have passed, how can we continue to constantly better ourselves, reflect on what we’ve done, and how can we do better for the future? These issues and more, insha Allah, will be delved into. Dinner will be provided, so please try your hardest to attend!